Remotely Control Your Garage Doors from Anywhere with Your Smartphone
  • Best Value on the Market
  • Supports Up to Two Openers
  • Easy and Quick to Setup
  • Supports iOS and Android
  • $59.99 $49.99!
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Amazon Customer Reviews

  • Easy, secure and useful. Now when my kids visit I no longer have to have them take them out of my cars. When they leave I change the security code. Best value on the market. It just worked in five minutes of opening the box.
    William R.
  • ..Considerably less expensive than the Chamberlain MYQ wall control and internet gateway products that I was looking at before I found GDB...Setup was really easy and I have it configured to run two garage door openers in my garage.
    Rik D.
  • One of my biggest fear was to get locked outside of my house with no keys nor garage openners. The Wifi Garage door openner specifically solves that problem as I never forget to carry my phone where I forget my keys all the time...Overall, Great product, clever design, solves a specific need, would highly recommend.
  • I found this very handy when I was having my garage painted. Rather than give them a remote they could use their smart phones to let themselves in and out. It was very easy to set up and change.
    Computer user
  • Customer service on this item is FANTASTIC. A simple chat online with customer service happened quickly and professionally. I was very happy with my discussion with their team. The price on this item is fair... There are more expensive competitors that likely do similar functions and charge way too much.
  • I am definitely refer GarageDoorBuddy for everyone who want to use mobile phone to open/close DrivewayGate or GarageDoor!! This is my second purchase. Now my parent can use their mobile to open their Driveway Gate Door and their Garage Door. My parent show off to their friends said how awesome they are just because of this Remote ^_^.
    Amazon Customer
  • Works on my Dads 35 year old opener. This is a great thing to have, secure as you keep your Wi-Fi password and added security with a second password on the Buddy. Love being able to stop by and check on the house with out having to have my spare keys with me, I always have my phone with me.
    Amazon Customer
  • This was very easy to install and setup and has worked flawlessly for the 5 weeks that I've had it. I am able to control both garage doors from my home wireless network and from my cellular network. I was able to open the door for a friend that was checking on our pets from a different state. Would highly recommend to anyone.
    Chris Skaar
  • Based on the reviews I added this to my wish list and received it for Christmas. I installed the unit in under 10 minutes, connecting it to both of our garage doors. We've been using it for 24 hours now and all I can say is why didn't I order this a long time ago? It works both on and off my wifi network. It's more reliable than our dumb opener remotes. No more replacing batteries and button mashing to get the doors to open...I would definitely recommend and will be purchasing as a gift for friends and family in the future.
    Customer in Sacramento, CA
  • I have been in search for a remote door opener for some time and GDB is an absolute winner. I love how it appears so unassuming and yet accurately controls 2 doors from either within the house via WiFi, from afar via internet, or as a simple access point if need be. Customer service is incredibly attentive and the price is absolutely unbeatable compared to everything else out there, and everything you need is included, wiring, mounting strips, etc.
    Vinnie R
  • The reasons why I picked GDB: 1- Simplicity with installation. 2- Compatibility with my garage door system. 3- The ability to open and close my garage via the Internet. 4- Cost. 5- Being able to have multiple users without any additional cost
  • Excellent. Small, reliable, works as expected. Love the REST API that lets me to incorporate it into my network and the rest of IoT devices.
    Amazon Customer


Remotely Monitor the Status of Your Garage Doors from Anywhere with Your Smartphone
  • Eliminates Unnecessary Trips to the Garage
  • Best Value on the Market
  • Easy and Quick to Setup
  • Supports iOS and Android
  • $34.99!


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